NexPoint Capital, Inc.

Investing in America’s Growing Healthcare Economy

NexPoint Capital, Inc. is a non-traded business development company (“BDC”) that seeks to provide investors access to the unique opportunities offered by the historic changes to our nation’s healthcare economy as a result of significant demographic and governmental changes.

Primarily through debt investments in middle market companies (annual revenue between $50 million and $2.5 billion) and larger private healthcare companies, NexPoint Capital provides investors an opportunity to invest in the growing American healthcare economy through a professionally managed alternative investment vehicle managed by an institutional investment firm with approximately $17 billion in assets under management and a specialized expertise in the American healthcare economy.



Highland Capital Fund Distributors, Inc., member FINRA, is the dealer manager for the NexPoint Capital offering.

The public offering price of NexPoint Capital’s common stock is subject to a sales load of up to 8% and offering expenses of up to 1%. Estimated annual fund expenses as a percentage of the average net assets attributable to common stock are 5.8%. Expenses and fees are described more fully in the prospectus. Annual expense ratio calculated as set forth in the prospectus and based on public offering price in effect on such date. Please consult the prospectus and read it carefully.


Price Quote(2)


(As of October 26, 2016)

Net Investment Amount(3)


(As of October 26, 2016)

Annualized Distribution Rate(4)


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NexPoint Capital, Inc. Announces Tender Offer For Common Stock

DALLAS, Oct. 3, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — NexPoint Capital, Inc. (the “Company”), a non-traded publicly registered business development company and affiliate of Highland Capital Management, L.P., today announced the expiration and final results for its tender offer (the “Tender Offer”) for up to 2.5% of its outstanding common stock (“Shares”) at a price equal to 90% of the offering price per Share in effect on the…

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(1) There is no assurance that these objectives will be met. The company has no operating history or established financing sources. As a result, an investment in the company is speculative. In addition, investors in the company will not acquire an interest in Highland Capital Management.

(2) Distributions are not guaranteed and may be suspended, modified or terminated at the discretion of the board of directors. Distributions may include a return of principal or borrowed funds, which may lower overall returns to the investor and may not be sustainable.

(3) The net investment amount for shares of NexPoint Capital common stock is the public offering price, net of the maximum upfront sales load of 8% and the 1% offering expenses.

(4) The annualized distribution rate is expressed as a percentage equal to the projected annualized distribution amount per share (which is calculated by annualizing the regular weekly cash distribution per share as of the date indicated above without compounding), divided by the price quote per share as of the date indicated above. The annualized distribution rate shown may be rounded. As of the quarter ending June 30, 2016, 100% of distributions were paid from net investment income from operations. The distributions described herein were funded in significant part by the reimbursement of certain expenses, including through the waiver of investment advisory fees that may be subject to repayment to NexPoint Advisors, and the funds’ future distributions may be funded from such waivers or reimbursements. Significant portions of these distributions were not be based on our investment performance and such waivers and reimbursements by NexPoint Advisors may not continue in the future. If NexPoint Advisors does not agree to reimburse certain of our expenses, including through the waiver of certain of its advisory fees, significant portions of these distributions may come from offering proceeds or borrowings. The repayment of any amounts owed to NexPoint Advisors will reduce the future distributions to which you would otherwise be entitled. The determination of the tax attributes of NexPoint Capital’s distributions is made annually as of the end of NexPoint Capital’s fiscal year based upon its taxable income and distributions paid, in each case, for the full year. Therefore, a determination as to the tax attributes of the distributions made on a quarterly basis may not be representative of the actual tax attributes for a full year. The actual tax characteristics of distributions to shareholders will be reported to shareholders annually on a Form 1099-DIV. Distributions are not guaranteed and may be suspended, modified or terminated at the discretion of the board of directors. Distributions may include a return of principal or borrowed funds, which may lower overall returns to the investor and may not be sustainable.

On May 12, 2016, the board of directors of the Company declared a distribution in an amount of $0.013846 per share of the BDC’s common stock, par value $0.001 per share, payable on June 29, 2016, to stockholders of record on June 6, 2016, June 13, 2016, June 20, 2016, and June 27, 2016. Based on the Company’s current public offering price of $10.13 per share, the distribution represents an annualized rate of approximately 7.2%.